Business Writing

Business Writing

Who Should attend?
The workshop is designed for site supervisors, site managers or anyone who has to write as part of their job including business owners of small companies, construction professionals or quantity surveyors.

Course Content & Aims


Even with emails it is very important that business communications are well written and effective. A lot of written communication will be referred to many months after being written and not always viewed in the same context of what was happening at the time. However, what is written is what will be relied on as the evidence of what happened and what was said.

We write for a purpose and that which is written must be produced to achieve that purpose. This workshop will look at how your communications should be structured, the language to adopt and purpose of your document

Do you feel skilled enough to express yourself well in all you write? Do you struggle to get your ideas down on paper? Documents need to be readable – they need to be worded, structured and designed in a way that makes them clear and understandable to the reader.

A practical workshop that will greatly improve the impact you make. This workshop will give you help and support in learning how to express yourself well in all you write. It focuses on the needs of business and technical writing in the construction industry.

What You Will Learn:

• How to use ‘Plain English’ to improve readability
• How to structure your ideas and get your thoughts on paper
• How to structure documents for impact
• How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
• How to be Accurate, Brief & Clear – the real ABC of business writing
• Practical guidance on common construction industry writing tasks.

Assessment & Qualification

Continual assessment of knowledge and understanding throughout the course and a certificate of attendance will be issued.