Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people

Background and Workshop Description

This workshop aims to give participants an understanding of why and how people become difficult and provide tools and triggers to diffuse potentially ‘hot’ situations at both site and board room levels. The workshop is for individuals who are interested in the lifelong challenge of effectively dealing with difficult people and are open to learning more about how it works.

Course Content & Aims

– Define what is a difficult person
– Develop general techniques for dealing with difficult people
– Apply specific strategies for the common profiles
– Understand the basic psychology behind conflict
– Use basic defusing skills to calm difficult people.

– Appreciate and understand why people become difficult
– Learn to control a difficult situation without making it worse
– Learn how to get the best from other people
– Reduce non productive confrontations and improve relationships and more importantly, productivity
– Enjoy the experience

Assessment & Qualification
The workshop will be interactive and candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.