Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service

Who Should attend?

The workshop is for individuals who have responsibility for customer service in the organisation and who are looking for innovative and creative ways of ensuring that it is “exceptional”.

Course Content & Aims

The workshop will share a series of practical tools and techniques to assist you to understand and then develop your own Customer Service Ethic that you can use to drive the standards and consistency you require in your organisation. Time will be spent understanding what it is and how we can make it simple for everyone to use. The practical tools and exercises will assist the delegate to take back an Action Plan that will drive Exceptional Customer Service forward.

Understand that customer service is the major challenge in all organisations
Learning the principles of exceptional customer services
Get some models and practical exercises to assist you to achieve exceptional customer services
Establish your exceptional customer service ethic
Enjoy the learning experience

Customer serivce – the challenge
Define the challenge
What do your customers want/need?
The Vital Success Factor

Understanding the principles of exceptional customer service
Exceptional Customer Service – what it means to you
Define the components and principles
Customer Service vs Satisfaction

Your exceptional customer service ethic
A model for the ethic
Your exceptional customer service ethic
Practical steps towards achieving the ethic
Monitoring and measurement

Customer service – the challenge
Your experiences share
Top 10 for success
What next?

Assessment & Qualification
The workshop will be interactive and candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.