How to Manage Traffic Management

How to Manage Traffic Management

Course Overview

This course will help people involved in workplace transport reduce the chances of accidents
happening. It is mainly aimed at managers and identifies some of the safety problems for common
vehicle operations.

Course Content & Aims

To manage the risks from workplace transport effectively, you need to consider three key areas:
• Safe site, Safe vehicle, Safe driver

Other things to be considered:
• Outlining the dangers of vehicular access and egress
• Discuss turning circles and distances required etc. to maintain safety zones
• Banksman or no banksman and the training requirements
• Safe Reversing
• When will vehicles be on the route?
• Are there enough routes to prevent overcrowding?
• What activities are taking place and where? For example,
o loading
o unloading
o tipping
o trimming
o sheeting
• How will you manage demountable containers such as skips or bins?

Assessment & Qualification

Continual assessment of knowledge and understanding through the courses. Delegates who complete the training will receive a certificate of attendance.