Managing Stress in the Workplace

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Background and Workshop Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce the nature of stress and its effect on wellbeing in daily life including work, and how to reduce the problems that it can cause. The course will introduce participants to aspects of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

Course Content & Aims

– Explore what stress is and how it impacts an individual’s work
– Discuss and explore what triggers increase stress at work and at home – whole life stress
– Explore the early warning signs of stress – in workplace and home life
– Introduce simple tools that can be used to manage individual stress levels
– Wellness tools –targeted at reducing/eliminating stress in the workplace
– Action planning to achieve a healthy lifestyle
– Explore how some of these tools can be used daily
– Stress and relationships at work
– How to avoid stressing your colleagues
– What to do if you see your colleagues getting stressed.
– Simple tools for ‘being with’ their workmates rather than giving advice
– Planning to control individual stress levels in participants’ whole life including at work.
– Setting wellbeing goals
– Identifying the aspects of the job they can control and what they can change
– Identify and use external supports to control stress and support wellbeing

Assessment & Qualification
Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.