BCTG Training Group

As a member of our training group, you can:

  • get discounted training for courses run in your local area; your workers spend less time off-the-job/site as a result
  • get some additional financial support above and beyond what is available through one of CITB’s training grants
  • get support for training courses which are not currently eligible for a CITB grant
  • network and pursue new business opportunities with other construction employers in your area
  • get training on how to become a construction ambassador and promote construction as an attractive and fulfilling career choice in schools and colleges
  • be part of a bigger voice that influences training strategies and policies for the industry in your area and across the UK
  • help make sure that the ongoing development of occupational and training standards are up-to-date and reflect the needs of the job and the industry as a whole.

How to Join

It is easy to join us! Membership of the BCTG is opened to all construction-related businesses in West/Central Scotland who are registered with the CITB and costs just £50.00 per year. That is less than a pound a week!

There are seventeen training groups in Scotland so if you are not eligible to join the Building Contractors Training Group Membership BCTG we can give you advice on an alternative group.