Scaffold Appreciation & Inspection

Scaffold Appreciation & Inspection

Who should attend

Supervisory personnel and management who, may as part of their duties, have to inspect scaffold and complete reports in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Course Content & Aims

The course will give delegates the understanding and knowledge of the legal obligations in accordance with statutory legislation. It incorporates the use of scaffold, correct terminology, components and standards required to ensure a safe place of work. The study of inspection techniques and the recording procedures necessary for compliance. A practical scaffold inspection is used to simplify inspection techniques.

– Introduction
– Scaffold Terminology
– Current Legislation/Standards (Work at Height regulations 2005, British/ European Standards)
– Company Policies
– Scaffold Types (Basic structures which include tower, independent, birdcage and loading bay.)
– Tubes, Fittings, Boards
– System Scaffolds
– Ties and Braces
– TG20 -13
– SG4- 15
– Practical assessment
– Inspection Report and Tagging Scaffolding

Assessment & Qualification

A written examination along with a practical examination will be required to pass this course. Practical session will include inspection of pre-erected scaffolds with faults.

An in-house certificate will be issued on successful completion.