A message from the National Training Group Chair

A message from the National Training Group Chair

Over a year has now passed since the formation of the National Training Group Chairs Committee so it is time to ask what have we achieved.


Ian Dickerson
Head of New Entrants & Funding
Learning & Development
Kier Group plc

Firmer committment

Firstly we have removed the uncertainty over the future of training groups that had been hanging around for some years. CITB has demonstrated it’s commitment to groups and are seeing positive results from their investment in us. We have created forums at which groups from all over the UK can share best practice, at a local and UK wide level. We will see the benefits of this best practice over the next 12 months as we work on a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the overall cost of training to us all. We have seen 2 new groups form, with others in the pipeline, filling in the gaps on the map where there was no provision.

Annual training budget increase

We have benefited from increased investment from CITB, not just on the level of the annual payment but with the annual training subsidy which has been most welcome by our members. It has been rather concerning that a number of groups did not take up the full allowance of training subsidy, this money is for local businesses to help to kick start the recovery and I am sure that every region would be able to spend the amount, it is a shame that some funding has been lost in a few areas.

Feedback indicates that the subsidy has resulted in an increase in the amount of training delivered, as well as an increase in membership of groups

As we move into 2014 we will be looking at increasing overall group performance, setting up bulk purchasing agreements and the formation of new groups.

I believe that we have been successful to date in helping to coordinate training across the UK, with your help we can continue this work, developing a trained and qualified workforce.

Ian Dickerson

National Training Group Chairs Committee