About Us

About Us

Construction Training Groups

CITB supports over 90 training groups across England, Scotland and Wales, 17 of these are in Scotland. These groups allow local construction employers to join up and benefit from discounted training, networking and participating in projects that promote construction as an attractive and viable career.

Building Contractors Training Group (BCTG)

The BCTG was established in 1969 making it one of the oldest training groups in the country. It is a “not for profit” organisation that receives funding and support from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to help make construction-related training more accessible and affordable.

The BCTG is an independent training group run by its member companies with an elected Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer. We also employ a Group Training Officer and a Bookkeeper.

A safe, modern and skilled workforce

These are challenging times and our industry must be prepared to meet the demands of an ever changing environment. Even before we win work, we have to be able to prove that our employees have the skills and competencies required to meet our client’s needs. It is clear that the companies who will gain from this approach are those who have a fully trained and skilled workforce.

The BCTG aims to make training more accessible and affordable for all member companies. Industry professionals’ work together to help meet local training needs. Membership is opened to all construction related businesses in West/Central Scotland who are registered with the CITB and costs just £50.00 per year. That is less than a pound a week!

The group has an annual general meeting in the Spring and an ordinary general meeting in late Autumn each year. We would expect that most members companies would attend these meetings, or send representation. In addition to the usual business of running the group we may invite guest speakers along to discuss “hot topics”. The meetings are also great networking opportunities where we can share information and ideas with likeminded businesses.

In addition we have quarterly meetings that all members are welcomed to attend. These meetings are held to ensure the smooth running of the group and that any actions from the two main meetings are progressed.