Cable Avoidance – CAT & Genny

Cable Avoidance – CAT & Genny

Who should attend

Any member of staff who is involved in using Cat & Genny and accessories

Course Content & Aims

To present candidates with the underpinning knowledge and to develop practical skill to be able to use a Cat and Genny and accessories to a competent level as part of a safe system of work.

The Objectives of the course is to enable delegates to:
 Become aware of and understand current legislation
 The hazards that are or could be present
 To understand the colour coding of utility services
 To carry out pre-operational checks
 To carry out search techniques
 To reference utility services drawing to successfully complete a practical assessment
 To successfully complete a theory assessment.

Candidates will participate in theory lessons and practical demonstrations / exercises, all of which are highlighted by the use of OHP & videos covering:

 Introduction to course and registration, course aim and learning outcomes
 Legislation and reference documents road/footway construction
 Utility positioning and identification of hazards
 Risk assessment
 Safe sysyems of work
 Presentation: ‘ It could never happen to me’
 Introduction to utility service apparatus
 Utility service drawing exercise
 Presentation ‘Know your ground’
 Introduction to operating techniques and practice session
 Practical and theory assessments

Assessment & Qualification

Certificate and Record Card, valid for 3 years before renewal.