Communication and Admin for Supervisors

Communication and Admin for Supervisors

Who Should attend?

The course is designed specifically for site supervisors to provide them with relevant skills that will support them in their role.  The communication skills are aimed at improving communication to the wide variety of people that they need to deal with in the course of their duties and in reporting both formally and informally.

This workshop is suitable for site supervisors, including those new to the role or preparing for promotion.

Course Content & Aims

Objectives – at the end of the session, delegates will be able to identify the principles of effective communication applicable to their roles, understand the principles of effective communication

The workshop will broaden their communicating skills understand the benefits of time management produced by effective communication.  Be able to apply the skills to suit the procedures of their organisation


  • getting the message across through speaking and writing
  • the benefits of both
  • preparation
  • checking to see that the message is understood
  • use of company procedures
  • attending and participating in meetings
  • reporting
  • record keeping
  • formal and informal communications

Assessment & Qualification

This workshop is practical and developed specifically for the site supervisor role.

A certificate of attendance will be issued by the training provider.