Delegation not Abdication

Delegation not Abdication

Who Should attend?

The workshop is for anyone interested in understanding how they can delegate more effectively. They need to be prepared to make some changes in how they operate and communicate with other people.

Course Content & Aims

The workshop will look at delegation in terms of what works and what does not. The 4 stages of delegation will be analysed in terms of your own teams. Hints and tips for success will be shared. Delegates will leave with an Action Plan that will ensure they set themselves up for success.

Understand the 4 stages of delegation
Understand the different needs of your people to ensure that you delegate in a way that will bring success for them and you
Learn the key factors to success in delegation – one of the most difficult management skills
Enjoy the learning experience

Delegation – the challange
Define the challenge
Getting the best out of your people
Work/life balance

Key principles for success
The key principles
Hints and tips for success
Key steps to implementation

Delegation in practice
4 stages of delegation
Your team defined
Your Plan of Action

Delegation – the challenge
Your experiences share
Top 10 for success
What next?

Assessment & Qualification
The workshop will be interactive and candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.