Re-launch of Flexible Training Opportunities Funding

Re-launch of Flexible Training Opportunities Funding

The Flexible Training Opportunities training grant programme delivered by Skills Development Scotland has now re-opened to applications. Please see below for a brief summary of the changes to this year’s programme and a link to the full guidance notes. Note that applications can now be made online.

Changes to Rules for 2015/16:
• The maximum level of payment to a company has decreased from £5000 to £3000
• The maximum amount payable for one opportunity has increased from £500 to £1000. This will allow employers more flexibility in the training they apply for and encourage the implementation of high value, high impact training.
• The company can now apply for any number of opportunities. The previous maximum was 10. This will make the incentive more flexible.
• There was previously no minimum cost threshold for a FTO. Now, the training must cost a minimum of £200 for a FTO application to be made. (ie FTO support is for a minimum of £100)
• Backdated applications will not be permitted – usually we allow applications to be backdated until the start of the financial year but this won’t happen this year.
• We will enforce the “4 week claim” rule. This has always been in existence but has not been enforced. It requires employers to submit a claim within 20 working days of an episode of training finishing. If they don’t, their claim will be rejected, even if the application was initially approved.

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The application process has now moved to online. A direct link employers can use to create an account to enable them to apply can be found at

For more information see the Our Skills Force website or call 0800 783 6000.