Temporary Works Co-ordinator – Online

Temporary Works Co-ordinator – Online


This course is for those on site with responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. It is designed to give confidence to senior management and those who engage with contractors, that candidates have reached an assessed standard of knowledge. Candidates must have experience in being responsible for managing all forms of temporary works and a good understanding of spoken and written English

Course Content

Function of Module 

A brief overview of temporary works and their function

Why temporary works is important:

• Safety Critical: legal requirements

• Business Critical


• Client, Contractors, Designers (permanent works and temporary works), CDM-Cs, APs, TWCs, TWSs, DI

• Contract and statute


  • Bragg
  • BS5975:2019 +A1:2011 Overview
  • Other relevant codes
  • Case examples of failure

Statutory aspects to temporary works

  • Regulations: CDM (including Part iv), WAH, PUWER, LOLER
  • Statutory aspects of:

– Inspections

– Stability (above and below ground)

– Design (scaffold)

Avoiding Failure 

  • People, Process and Product (the 3Ps)
  • People

– Competence (corporate and individual)

  • Process

– Clarity of responsibility

– Procurement

– identifying site-wide issues and planning ahead

– Design and checks

– Installation

– Use

– Maintenance

– Dismantling

  • Product

– Standard Solutions

– Condition

– Sourcing

Role of the TWC – (source: BS5975) 

  • Appointment
  • Role
  • TWS interface and role


  • Basis of good management
  • Administration: benefit of good temporary works systems
  • The Register

Key aspects of different temporary works type’s e.g.

  • Excavations
  • Falsework
  • Formwork
  • Earthwork
  • Working Platforms & Haul Roads
  • Cranes (Tower, Crawler & Mobile)
  • Scaffolding
  • Pressure Testing
  • Site Establishment
  • Demolition


Course Review / Closure

Please note you are required to be a UK resident to attend all CITB courses.

Duration: 2 Days