Time Management

Time Management

Who Should attend?

The workshop is for people who are getting frustrated at not being able to be in control of their days. Delegates will need to be willing to try out some of the tools and techniques within 24hrs of the workshop.

Course Content & Aims

The workshop will share a series of practical tools and techniques from which you can pick and choose what works for you. Time will be spent understanding how the brain works and how we can make best use of it. It is a man’s most under utilised resource! The work life balance struggle will not stop here but perhaps some small steps will be taken by delegates to work further towards it.

Learn some tools and techniques to enable you to achieve more balance with work and life
Understand the personal challenge
Creatively manage your time so that you feel a sense of control in your life
Enjoy the learning experience

Working Smarter – the challenge
Define the challenge
Understand the challenge
Manage the challenge

Understanding your brain
How the brain works
The tree structure
Personal learning and work

Your workplace
Time thiefs
Sharpen your saw

Time – the challenge
Your experiences shared
Top 10 for success
What next?

Assessment & Qualification
The workshop will be interactive and candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.