Vehicle Marshalling

Vehicle Marshalling

Who should attend

The course is ideal for delegates who are currently or going to be concerned with vehicular movements on site.

Course Content & Aims

The Objective of the Course is to enable delegates to:
Know the importance of correct and safe vehicle movements on or off site. To enable delegates who have responsibility for manoeuvring vehicles and plant entering, leaving site or working on site to have full knowledge and understanding of the process and signals used.

Course Summary
Candidates will participate in theory lessons and practical demonstrations / exercises, all of
which are highlighted by the use of OHP & Videos covering:
 The Health & Safety at Work Act
 Workplace Transport regulations
 Accident Rates
 Vehicle and people management
 Signalling to drivers or operators
 Mock test (vehicle movement and direction)
 Practical test (vehicle movement and direction)
 Theory assessment

Assessment & Qualification

Certificate and Record Card, valid for 3 years before renewal.